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Choosing the Right Flooring Contractor

What Do I Want Out of My Flooring Contractor or Subcontractor?

Find the best flooring contractors for installation

Let us help you sift through the information to find the right flooring contractor for your project. You have numerous options for flooring subcontractors in Texas, but which one is right for you? This blog helps both interior designers and general contractors choose a commercial flooring contractor.

It’s OK to be suspicious and question a flooring contractor…

People discussing a project

Make sure your flooring contractor has a physical address and is accessible by both email and phone. Communication is key to the success of any project. If you’re unsure about who to go with, obtain at least three bids from different contractors to compare, The Texas Attorney General advises consumers to be suspicious of “low-ball” bidders who present bids significantly lower than others. A contractor may have forgotten to include certain fees, labor, or materials when preparing the bid. Also be aware of the possibility that the contractor may attempt to cut corners, provide a low grade of installation with inferior or second-rate materials in order to increase profits. Also, be wary of those flooring contractors bidding too high with no apparent market advantage to account for the bid.

General Contractors & Flooring Subcontractors

General contractors discussing their commercial flooring project

Finding the right commercial flooring subcontractor can make or break a project. As a general contractor, you are responsible for an entire project being delivered on time, on budget, and meeting specific goals. You want a subcontractor that makes you look good, communicates often, foresees issues ahead of time, and works well with other subcontractors. Make sure they are reliable and available by scheduling a consultation with them at their physical address. This way you can also ensure they’re a good cultural fit for you and your team. Or, give them a call or send an email to figure out their response time.

Below are a few checklist guides to finding the best commercial flooring installers for your project.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Flooring Contractor:

Commercial Flooring Contractor Questions Checklist
  1. How many years of experience do you have in the commercial flooring industry?
  2. How many manufacturers do you represent?
  3. What commercial flooring products do you install?
    1. Carpet
    2. Resilient flooring
    3. Wood
    4. Ceramic tile
    5. Stone
    6. Concrete
    7. Quartz
    8. Specialty flooring
    9. Green and eco-friendly
  4. Have you worked on commercial flooring green projects before?
  5. What are our product options?
  6. Do you offer any reclamation or recycling programs?
  7. Can you assist clients in achieving a LEED-certified project?
  8. Who is my point of contact and what is their background?
  9. Can you provide project management?
  10. Do you offer flooring moisture control?
  11. Do you take care of flooring substrate preparation?
  12. Can you work around occupied spaces when installing floors?
  13. Do you have experience working with other subcontractors?
  14. How much do you charge upfront?
  15. What does your current workload look like?

Proof of Commercial Flooring Services & Projects:

Commercial Flooring Contractor Culture
  1. Do you have a commercial flooring portfolio we can view?
  2. What affiliations, certifications or accolades does your company posses?
  3. Examples of Green Projects.
  4. How long has your company been working in the commercial flooring industry?
  5. Why should we choose you over your competitors?
  6. Schedule a consult with them to learn about their company culture.

Although years of experience in the commercial flooring industry looks great, be sure that they have the experience you need for your project. For example, if you’re trying to meet LEED Certification then the company needs experience in green building. But, if you need durable flooring that will outlast the stampede of hundreds of children running down hallways of a school or hospital, then you may want to make sure they have experience in government work. Also, make sure they’re a great fit with your team. You’ll be working a lot together and that means long hours and sometimes having to predict next steps and management needs. Your commercial flooring subcontractor should be able to work well with other subcontractors and predict possible complications before you may think of them.

Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring Product:

Commercial flooring products
  1. Product availability.
    1. Availability of this product for our start date and timeline.
    2. Is this flooring in stock in the quantities I need?
    3. Does this flooring require lead time or special instructions prior to install?
  2. How much does this flooring cost?
  3. How much does this flooring cost to install?
  4. Does this product have a warranty?
  5. What is this product’s limitations?
  6. What are the perks of this product?
  7. Do you have any other appropriate flooring suggestions for this project?
  8. What will the flooring installation process look like?
    1. Is demolition needed?
    2. Installation method?
    1. How long does it take to install my flooring product?
  9. Will this flooring require a custom fabrication?
  10. What maintenance care does this product entail?

Information Your Flooring Contractor Will Need:

Commercial flooring contractor
  1. Your budget!
  2. Is this a new build or replacement?
  3. Timeline/Deadline for your project?
    1. When can we start?
  4. Will we need to work around or accommodate other subcontractor’s timelines?
  5. Your commercial flooring goals:
    1. Keeping costs down
    2. Durability & sustainability
    3. Meeting government or health codes
    4. Design & creativity
    5. Low maintenance
    6. Meeting a tight project deadline
    7. Green or meeting LEED Certification
  6. Square footage of your project?
    1. Do you have a blueprint and measurements on hand?
  7. Condition of your subfloor.
    1. Will you need subfloor repair?
    2. Not to worry if you don’t know. This is usually determined during a walkthrough evaluation of the project.
  8. Would you like to take advantage of reclamation and recycling programs?
  9. Will the space be occupied at the time of installation?

Architects & Interior Designers Looking for A Commercial Flooring Company

Architectural firms & iInterior designers play an important role in creating the desired aesthetic for any commercial space. Starting off with a blank slate or an occupied office space brings its own set of challenges. Commercial flooring projects may hold unique requirements for the designer that homes do not. It’s not necessarily the size of the space that poses the complications, but meeting the needs of a general contractor or project manager: green builds, LEED certifications, resilient flooring, medical grade flooring, low-maintenance flooring, creative space(s), etc..

Interior designers and architectural firms

We appreciate our interior designers, and we’re here to make their jobs easier. Having a vision in mind and knowing your flooring goals and needs helps your flooring subcontractor find the perfect materials for your project within your budget.

  1. Have you worked with interior designers before?
  2. Can I schedule a free consultation to discuss our goals and view your inventory?
  3. What flooring materials and products do you offer?
  4. Can you guide us through the flooring process from bid to conception to installation?
  5. Prompt & reliable service.
    1. Are you available if we, or our client(s), have questions?

Flooring Solutions, Inc. as Your Commercial Flooring Contractor

Flooring Solutions, Inc. (FSI) has been a commercial flooring provider in Texas since 2002. It’s one of Austin’s 50 fastest growing small businesses and holds 35+ awards and accolades. Their new 40,000 sq. ft., commercial flooring warehouse caters to over 80 flooring manufacturers and 75 design firms. Although their office is established in the heart of Austin, TX, FSI works with general contractors, architectural firms, and interior designers alike in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas/Ft. Worth as well.

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